Khamis, 5 November 2009

RM18 (USD5) for SARAWAK 10 CENTS 1940 NOTE?

I still can't believe, my emergency issue, Sarawak 1940 Ten Cents note worth only for RM18 ! I got a great deal from a seller from France, a small bundle of banknotes just for USD35 and...what a lucky day, this Ten Cents note is one of them! So, one banknote, approximately just for USD5 ! Still in a great shape and trust me...this one is not from Tiongkok..hehe.

Dated 1st August 1940, potrait of Charles Vyner Brooke at right, printed on white watermark paper (SDM), reverse side is "blank", designed and printed by the Survey department, F.M.S. and the size is 120mm x 79mm

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