Selasa, 17 November 2009


Since my blog got a warm visit from Portugal and a few friendly emails from other international viewers, I'm glad to assist if you seek for it. If you're interested in any coins, just shout it out, maybe today is your lucky day. I'm willing to swap or sell any duplicate items...mail me at for more info.

This lovely tin Dinheiro shows a crowned arms of Portugal within circle on obverse and on reverse shows a "crude" representation of a sailing it really a ship? The coin weight (reported) varies from 2.30 grammes - 2.70 grammes, 20mm diameter and was minted by Malacca Mint during the reign of King Dom Joao III (1521-1557).

Coins ni saya ada extra dan saya boleh dapatkan banyak lagi...kalau ada sapa-sapa yang berminat bagitau je la. Cuba-cuba la merasa kumpul coin yang dah berusia hampir 500 tahun...pakai kat negara kita sendiri lak tu!

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